TGIF Arcade

TGIF Arcade is 2 people, a family of stuffed owls, and an easily-spooked cat, sacrificing sleep and social time to put together podcasts, Twitch gaming streams, and movie poster parodies for you. Just you. No one else. If anyone else is consuming it, that’s coincidence. Everything they do is just for you. They hope you enjoy it.

Remember Frasier? Good show, right? TGIF Arcade knows how much you love it. So for you, they talk about it on the podcast Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs.

You like hanging out with pals on the couch playing video games? It would probably surprise you to find that they have a chill hangouts-style gaming stream at if not for the fact that you are all such good friends and they’re mainly doing it because they wanna hang out with you more.

Oh, you like watching movies and TV shows with date(s) of varying and nebulous levels of romance? TGIF Arcade knew you were looking for just that, so they made a podcast all about it called T.G.I. Date Night! Wow! And it’s just for you!

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